3-Horse Race For “Meet New People” Space; Highlight, Banjo, & LAL’s Circle

For better or worse I look at myself as somewhat of an expert on the “Meet New People” space. Not because I meet a lot of new people, but because I spent most of 2010 and all of 2011 working on a product focused on winning it. This space sits at the intersection of social networking and […]

Banjo: the must-have app for SXSW

If you’re attending SXSW, you’ll need three things: comfortable shoes, Sched and of course, Banjo on your phone! People attend SXSW to make connections and to find out what’s new and what’s hot, but with over 126,000 attendees expected, you can’t cut through the noise and make the right connections unless you have Banjo: the must-have […]

Ban.jo Update Gives Users More Control Over Their Location

My poor little “Location” folder on my iPhone is filled to capacity with location-based apps that are begging to connect me with other people, places, and things in my immediate area. Recently, I’ve been seeing a surge of “hey look at us” location app requests in my inbox. That’s probably because SXSW is coming up soon and […]

Estás Viendo: Aplicación creada en Redwood City te conecta con todas las redes sociales

Peruano parte del equipo de creadores de ‘Banjo’ con oficinas en Redwood City que te permite ver lo que está sucediendo a tu alrededor. Fuente: Univision Television Group SOURCE: Univision14 KDTV