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What is Banjo?

  • Banjo is the world’s largest collection of social signals organized by time, location and content. We index and curate breaking news and events faster than any organization on the planet so that you have an all-access pass to anything, anywhere.

    Browse music, sports, breaking news, and more to explore real-time posts from the people who are there, seeing it live. Picture the internet as a live feed; that’s Banjo.

    Banjo is available for free in the App Store and in Google Play.


    Behind the informative and entertaining app, Banjo possesses powerful geo-location technology that provides truly unique social discovery. For the enterprise, Banjo provides revolutionary social and location based intelligence for media outlets and businesses that need up to the moment information. Organizations like NASCAR, InBev, ESPN and Sinclair Broadcasting use Banjo for breaking news, targeted marketing collaborations, event experiences and re-imagined market research.

    The Today Show is engaging Banjo’s platform for a better live social experience: For information on using Banjo’s unique social discovery platform for your media outlet or business, contact


    Banjo understands that no matter how cool our app is, we can’t talk location without talking privacy. So, we have vowed from day one to make user privacy our #1 priority. Banjo only shares public posts and promises to never share your location without your express consent (e.g. geotagging your social posts). If you have any feedback, don’t hesitate to reach out.


    Banjo was conceived as a result of a missed connection at Boston’s Logan Airport. Founder Damien Patton didn’t realize that his friend, a fellow soldier from Desert Storm, was also in the airport — despite their being mere feet from each other. Damien vowed to figure out a way of ensuring people were up to date with news and information, as well as location. So, he designed an app at the intersection of social media and location, that would ensure you never missed out on the people you care about. Winning a Google hackathon soon after gave Damien the funding and momentum to make Banjo a reality. He moved to Silicon Valley and created Banjo in 2011. In 2013, Banjo opened a second office in Las Vegas, NV.

    Banjo has evolved immensely since its conception. What started as an app for finding friends nearby has become a platform with the rare ability to transport people all over the world, right from their mobile device. Though we still own the intersection of location and social content, Banjo has strayed from its focus on "here" or "near me", and re-focused on the great beyond: "there". Far more interesting than the familiarity around you is the great big world beyond it. And Banjo takes you there.

    Banjo's team aims to be the best at what we do: collecting social posts from all around the world, doing so before anyone else, making them relevant through location, and presenting it all in an informative and entertaining way.


    Damien Patton Damien Patton is the Founder/CEO of Banjo, the mobile technology that provides real time content discovery by location across all major social networks. He leads the product development and technology strategy, resulting in a global presence with over 3.5 million users in just 17 months. Under Damien’s leadership, Banjo’s patented mobile location technology has received multiple awards.

    Damien’s passion for problem solving is at the hallmark of everything he does. He has put his talents to use in some vastly varied disciplines. In addition to being a four-time entrepreneur, he served in Desert Storm, was the Chief Mechanic of a top NASCAR team and a crime scene investigator (no joke!) while working full time in the role of COO for a technology company.

    A trailblazer in the industry, Patton speaks frequently at conferences on subjects ranging from social, mobile and location-based technology to agile development and privacy. He currently serves as a mentor for the Harvard Innovation Lab, Silicon Valley Immersion Experience Program (IXP).