Malaysia Airlines Plane Crash In Ukraine

July 17, 2014

A Malaysia Airlines passenger plane was shot down in Eastern Ukraine. There were 295 people on the plane including passengers and crew members. Currently, every person on the Malaysian Airline flight is feared dead.

As Banjo began to collect real-time photos from the plane crash, the horror of the event set in for users across the globe. The plane was coming from Amsterdam with people from every walk of life aboard. In the middle of an on-going battle between Russia and Ukraine, the plane was shot down with innocent people becoming the victims of a fight they had no part in.

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Follow the live feed as it continues to unravel on Banjo as citizens of Ukraine share what they are seeing and experiencing on social media Malaysian Airline Crash In Ukraine.


4th Of July Inspirations On Banjo

July 3, 2014

Simple favorites such as barbeques and fireworks are why most Americans love the 4th of July. However, with social media becoming such a central part of people’s lives, creativity has taken over basic patriotic displays. Now there is nail art, fashion ensembles and food decor. Red, white and blue become the only acceptable color combinations even for the family pet.

In true holiday fashion, Banjo decided to use our social platform to showcase 4th of July spirit in different cities across the USA. Take a look at what people around the country are putting together in a show of support for the patriotic holiday. Happy 4th of July!

Tim Howard Could Save Just About Anything…

July 2, 2014

Banjo has been following the World Cup from the very beginning. We saw as USA fans’ love for one man, Tim Howard, blossomed beyond favoritism.

In the final match, USA vs. Belgium, fans united in their realization that Tim Howard was making the fight for victory a glorious one. After the USA eventually lost though, so started the Twitter trend #ThingsTimHowardCouldSave. Banjo has created the ultimate compilation of these fan favorites and shared it below. Enjoy!

Banjo Illuminates The IRE Conference

June 30, 2014


Investigative Reporters and Editors, Inc. is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the quality of investigative reporting. The IRE conference in San Francisco is a way for reporters of all kinds to come together and brainstorm ways to increase productivity. This year, Banjo’s very own Jennifer Peck spoke about the benefits Banjo provides for news-reporting. Banjo was on display in a room that filled to capacity with eager attendees.

The IRE conference is meant to showcase new options for those in the field and Banjo has already received a reputation in the world of journalism due to its real-time approach to global news and events through social posts. As Jennifer Peck displayed the features of Banjo for the audience, the room was in awe of the unique capabilities such as keyword searching in a specific location. You can search by location and select the distance you want your search to span. The search is made to not only look for the word but to also to make sure the post is being made from the location where the event is happening.

Social Media is a key component in journalism now and Banjo is a great pathway to incorporating it. Check out the IRE conference here.