Banjo Announces Version 3.0

We are incredibly proud and excited to announce that Banjo just released a completely redesigned app that is faster, lighter and altogether slicker than anything we’ve developed before! 

Banjo app Homepage

Banjo App Homepage iOS

Banjo App_Friends Feed

Banjo App Friends Feed

The Banjo team has been working around the clock on improving your favorite social app listening to your feedback the entire way. The new design includes a personal homepage where you can quickly and easily find your friends’ updates in one global feed. Below that, we’ve created Personalized Places, which are destinations populated for you based on where your friends and connections are in the world right now.

Another new feature we’re excited to announce is Common Connections: Your friend feed now surfaces the Common Connections people share across the most popular social networks in real time. This allows you to see people within one degree of separation to you from across the entire social graph! With one small step for Banjo, and one gigantic leap for technology, Banjo made the world a smaller place. 

Banjo App_Common Connections

Banjo App Common Connections

Banjo App_Notifications

Banjo App Notifications

All the existing Banjo features we know you love are still there including chat, posting to all your social networks from one place, and notifications when a friend is nearby. Search remains a key component to the app; search any place in the world to see what’s happening, then filter by keyword to dive deeper into the conversations that matter to you. 

Perhaps the best part of the app is the speed with which you can now navigate around the locations that matter most to you. In a blink of an eye, Banjo members can travel the world. Never again miss out on a place an event you care about. Banjo takes you there!

We hope you enjoy the all-new Banjo! Please tell us what you think and don’t forget to rate us 5 stars!

Banjo is available for iOS and Android.