Banjo Just Got Even Better

Banjo just got even better! What’s new in our latest update? Larger photos, new layout, an easier way to share across your social networks and now you can like and comment on facebook posts. Let’s take a closer look at the before photos on the left and the after photos on the right.

Pictures now play a more prominent role in both your Community Feed and Friends Feed.  Not only will there be more pictures, but they are now bigger and more pronounced.  You can also like and comment on Instagram and Facebook posts directly from your feed, making it easier than ever for you to connect and share what’s important to you.

Old Photos on Banjo      New Larger Photos

With the redesigned feed, pictures are easier to view and share. We think you’ll love the new sharing animation. Just choose your network and share your favorite posts from Banjo on facebook, twitter, SMS, email or save to your iCloud.

Old Sharing on Banjo     New Sharing on banjo

The Community List has been renamed the Community Feed and has been redesigned to allow for the easy consolidation of the people and events around you.  Friends are highlighted with an orange box around the photo to help you easily differentiate between your friends and other members of the community.  In addition, we’ve added a distance indicator so that you instantly see the distance between your location and specific posts.  Both the distance indicator and the toggle bar at the bottom of the page disappear when you scroll down the feed in order to create more space on the screen for picture and content viewing.

Friend Community Distance Indicator

Finding your friends across all your social networks just got easier with more ways to view your friends.  We added the same bottom navigation from Community to the friends only view so now you can switch between the feed, the map and people view.

Map View of Friends on Banjo  Friends People View on banjo

We hope you enjoy the new updates to the iOS version of Banjo and as always, we welcome your feedback!