Introducing Banjo 2.0 – Activate Your SOCIAL SUPERPOWERS

After many weeks of late nights and working through weekends (great job, team), I am proud to announce the new and improved Banjo App! Since our initial launch in June 2011, we’ve grown to 600,000+ Banjo members in over 180 countries. You’ve made 50 million connections and kept our servers busy with more than one billion updates!

banjo app version 2.0 tour

You asked, we listened. With this new version, we’ve improved back-end algorithms for friend alerts, added lots of new features and adopted a very clean redesign. Here is the low down:

Improved Friend Alerts
See even more of your friends when they are nearby.

Enhanced Map and Features
At a glance you can see which spots are bustling with traffic.

Social, Local, Mobile Search
Our new search helps you connect to other people with similar interests more easily.

Now Sign-in with Instagram, Foursquare and Gmail
We’ve added new sign-in options in addition to Twitter and Facebook so you can access more of your social networks.

Deep Integration with iOS 5
If you’ve upgraded your iPhone or iPod touch to iOS 5, these features are included in your Banjo experience:

  • Friend alerts show up in Notification Center – never miss another connection
  • Save photos to iCloud – access pictures anywhere
  • New facial recognition improves thumbnail quality
  • Twitter single sign-on means no more re-entering login credentials

I hope you have fun with the new Banjo App. Activate your social superpowers!

- Damien, CEO & Founder