Last Minute #Halloween Costume Idea – @Banjo App

banjo halloween costume on iphoneWhat you will need for a Banjo app costume:
2 pieces of black poster board
16 images of your friends
White or silver marker to decorate poster board
Green/turquoise construction paper
White construction paper
Gray construction paper
Black ribbon
Tape or glue

Step One -

Whether an iPhone or an Android user, you will start out with 2 pieces of black poster board. I am creating an iPhone 4S. Curve the edges of your poster boards with scissors.

Step Two -

Add your basic iPhone screen data to the edge of the front poster board in a white or silver marker. Images will include your signal strength, online status, time, and battery life.

Step Three -

Cut green or turquoise paper to create strong “People Near You” header. Use a white marker to write “People Near You.” Tape/Glue in place under your signal strength, online status, time and battery life. . Add Pin Drop & Gear icon with white marker on either side of “People Near You” text which should be written within the center.

Step Four -

Place (tape/glue) gray paper within the center of the front of your poster board below “People Near You” header. This will act as the background to your Friends’ photos.

Step Five -

Cut your 16 friend photos into squares. “Frame” your friend photos with white construction paper. Glue 4 a row. Keep friend photos within gray “background.”

Step Six -

With a white marker, below the gray “background,” add icons for “Who’s Near,” “List,” “Map,” “Social,” “Profile.”

Step Seven -

With a white market, Add the Apple and iPhone logo to the back of your poster board. Use a black ribbon to staple both poster board pieces together for easy access to wear over your head.

Step Eight -


Step Nine -

Or treat.

Step Ten -

Smell my feet.

Happy Halloween! You’ll make an awfully stellar Banjo App!