Banjo Powers NASCAR’s Sprint All-Star Race

May 20, 2014

Banjo is your all access pass to live events around the world so when Fox Sports and NASCAR wanted to tell the ultimate NASCAR story of the Sprint All-Star Race, they turned to Banjo. NASCAR isn’t just about the race, it’s about the entire experience during a race weekend. From motorhomes and cookouts, to up close and personal interactions with the cars, drivers and crew, NASCAR is the one sport where the fans are family.

At any given event, NASCAR has 100 cameras on the track, but what if they could change that number to 100,000? With so many NASCAR fans capturing moments from race day, imagine the story that could be told through the camera crews and the fans.

NASCAR and Fox Sports asked fans watching the All-Star Race to post videos of their favorite moments both in and outside the Charlotte Motor Speedway. Camera crews can only capture so much of a race, but with the fans and their footage, an entire story would unfold.

From selfies with Jake Owen to pictures on pit road with cars, pit crews and drivers like Dale Jr, Banjo helped capture the moments you would otherwise miss.

The 100,000 Cameras documentary will be premiering on Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 9:30 p.m. ET on Fox Sports 1. Don’t miss the chance to experience the intensity of NASCAR fans sharing their passion for the sport and the All-Star Race itself. It was a groundbreaking adventure and Banjo was the fuel.



Banjo Named Tech Company of the Year

May 2, 2014

Every year TBAN shines a spotlight on leaders of the tech industry in Nevada. The Technology Business Alliance of Nevada is proactively fostering technology business growth in Nevada. They are dedicated to assisting technology-based start-ups, emerging and growth companies in finding the talent, customers and financing needed to be successful. TBAN’s TechNevada Hall of Fame recognizes leaders who significantly affect the technology community of Nevada through sustained contributions in or to technology practice, education, administration or research. They award companies for everything from Product of the Year to Technology Company of the Year.

This past year, Banjo was named TBAN’s ‘Tech Company of the Year’ in Nevada for 2013. Banjo is the largest collection of social posts organized by time, location, and content. It’s widely recognized for its usefulness in many ways but especially in the journalism community; Fox 25 used Banjo to recreate scenes from the Boston Marathon Bombings. The Banjo App allowed Fox 25 to go back to the live footage uploaded on social sites by spectators at the marathon’s sidelines. They then reached out to these specific people and were able to capture the emotional journey from the moments before and after the bombs went off. Fox 25 interviewed these individuals days prior to the One Year Memorial commemorating the calamity and again relived the moments through their eyes.

There are many more examples such as this in which Banjo allows its users to be a part of live events happening all over the world. This must be why TBAN found Banjo deserving of such a grand title.

See the power behind Banjo for yourself and explore worlds otherwise lost in the vastness of the web.

Step Up Your Content Marketing with Banjo

April 30, 2014

In a world where content is king, everyone is looking to step up their content marketing game – whether that’s better blogging,  frequent social posts, or simply sharing the most compelling content that the internet has to offer. Unfortunately, it seems like we are often drowning in content – constantly sifting through the unnecessary in search of the relevant.

So how can Banjo’s revolutionary social media platform help your brand stand out among the content clutter? By letting you leverage the most relevant social media stream on the web; Allowing companies to show their audience what’s happening inside the hottest trending events, wherever you are in the world.

Imagine trying to follow the progress of the tornadoes ripping through Arkansas, Alabama, or the tornado turned massive flooding in Florida with little knowledge of their current location. You could fruitlessly search Google, only to get caught up in your own storm of fragmented information. You could hunt Instagram, hoping all the photos fall under the same hashtag, or you could sink in a sea of tweets that mention tornado, or storm, or flood, or damage… (where does it end?) only to find that 90% of them are simply stating their opinions on the travesties.

There is a reason news stations around the nation, such as Fox News and even the Today Show, are using Banjo to keep up. See what they are able to do when they incorporate Banjo here. You too can use this powerful tool to stay ahead of the curve and join the conversation on trending topics early with Banjo.




Watch The Ukraine Crisis Unfold on Banjo

April 29, 2014

Since the beginning of early November 2013, Banjo has been tuned into the happenings of the Ukrainian protests in Kiev that demanded closer European integration for Ukraine. The protests, which came to be called Euromaidan, continued for months and even became violent in February 2014.

Euromaidan and the related protests have become a way for social media to provide eyes into history as it unfolds.  Banjo has collected and organized over 200,000 social posts from Kiev, keeping the world updated on these valid current events that may otherwise be lost in translation. While in the past it would have been nearly impossible to comprehend the devastation of the months-long protest, Banjo made it a reality.

In light of the latest clashes in the Ukraine, Banjo brings you the full story of the crisis in Ukraine through the eyes of the people experiencing it.

Ukraine Clashes

East Ukraine Protests


Ukraine Negotiations