Social Superpowers upgrade for both iPhone and Android

Banjo’s growth has been phenomenal – our latest upgrades to both 2.0 versions for iPhone and Android are the icing on the (gluten-free) cake! You’ll notice more content from Facebook and Twitter in addition to our latest integration with Instagram.

I want more superpowers!
We’ve leveled up your Banjo Social Superpowers so it’s even easier to find your friends! The new Friends View shows your friends’ last location-based update, anywhere in the world, up to 24 hours ago.

Banjo 2.0 iOS Superpowers Banjo 2.0 iOS Superpowers Friends Filter

All your Banjo notifications in one place

The in-app notification center organizes all the alerts so you can quickly distinguish friend nearby notifications, messages, or even when a friend joins Banjo.

Banjo 2.0 iOS Friends Notification Center

Fly-out menu and streamlined navigation
The new menu streamlines navigation on Banjo. All your options are clearly displayed in a list-style format so you can view the map, explore list view or post social updates from Banjo.

Banjo 2.0 iOS and Android Fly-Out Menu Screenshot

Insta-like and comment directly through Banjo
Our integration with Instagram makes it possible to share the love and post a comment to any Instagram update. With one tap you can also follow a new Instagram user and make a new friend!

Banjo 2.0 Insta-like and comment on Instagram feeds directly through Banjo