Thank you for helping Banjo grow to over 1 million members!

One Million THANK YOU - Banjo

Our media friends and Banjo community have been doing a great job of spreading this latest news of our million member milestone! With all the buzz on web, here’s a quick recap of what’s being said:

“Banjo reached the million-user mark in just nine months, outpacing big social networking players including Facebook, Twitter and FourSquare…Banjo founder Damien Patton attributes his app’s success to its inclusion of numerous social networks (though not Google+) and to what Patton says is a greater respect for users’ privacy than other location-based apps have shown.” – PCWorld

“(Banjo is) more of a social media-powered location browser…Banjo certainly seems to have got off to a strong start.” - The Next Web

“From zero to one million users in nine months flat…(Banjo) lets users import all their social networks and quickly browse through all that information based on their location. In part, Patton says, the company’s rapid growth was based on mainstream approach.” - VentureBeat

“Think Facebook and Twitter hit critical mass fast? They’ve got nothing on ambient location app Banjo, which just hit one million users in nine months.” -

“Social discovery is mainstream, and it looks as if Banjo is leading the charge.” – Tech Cocktail

“our friends at Banjo announced they had passed the one million users milestone, an impressive feat after just nine months of availability…By focusing on building the right technology to quickly satisfy the evolving needs of its user base, Banjo is on the right path.” -

“Banjo’s progress is an indicator that users are coming around to location-based social networking that goes beyond the check-in.” – BetaKit

“this level of local contextualization is an important development in our mobile future.” - Silicon Angle