The Future of Music – Location and Mobile Social Media (Part 1 of 4)

The gap between interactive and music is getting smaller and smaller. This is visibly noticeable as the presence of skinny jeans, chucks and flannel shirts start trickling in to downtown Austin before SXSW Interactive wraps up. What started out as just a music festival with 700 registrants in 1987, quickly blew up to over 126,500 every March and went to include Interactive and Film components. People from the entertainment industry are becoming more tech savvy and finding new ways in social media to connect with fans and influencers; and there’s no better place than SXSW to make that chemistry to happen.

Banjo has been a huge hit at SXSW with amazing press coverage, and now with SXSW Music/Film just taking off, catch Banjo working with Bobby Brackins at Treasure Island on Wednesday (March 14th) as part of our entertainment partnership program. Just a great example of how Banjo is used for brands and businesses in addition to everyday users.

For the industry, Banjo is collecting SoLoMo (social local mobile) data across the social graph to find the influencers and improve fan engagement and activation in real-time. Outside of SXSW, we are working with Mandy Rain as she live-streams how to do “Boogie” dance moves this Thursday (March 15) and the only way to find out where and when it’s happening is through Banjo. Follow @realmandyrain to get the low down.

Fans are able to benefit from the new role of location in mobile social by being aware of events and experiences they would have otherwise missed! Realizing the value and potential of using location and social media to bridge the gap between interactive and music, Banjo CEO Damien Patton created a panel at SF Music Tech around just that. Here are his highlights from the panel “The Future of Music – Mobile and Social”.