What’s the big deal with SoLoMo (Social Local Mobile)?

social local mobileWe recently made headlines when a journalist used the Banjo mobile app to access social posts about a local bomb scare. Enter SoLoMo: social local mobile – the buzzword, the trailblazer, the slated game changer of the 2012 mobile space. SoLoMo is the core of Banjo and with over 500,000 downloads in only six months, it appears the #SoLoMo revolution is here to stay.

When breaking news happens, we often get alerted through social media. It seems we no longer have to search for news because the news finds us. When the tsunami hit in Japan, photos and content spread across social media like wildfire. The Gulf oil spill was a trending topic for months. But what is more relevant?  Someone tweeting about the spill while standing knee deep in oil or someone posting from their office chair in New York City? This is just one example of how location adds relevance and context to the social space.

With the increased use of mobile devices and apps, location is becoming more prominent in our daily lives. Many people associate location with a check-in but the truth is, location is much more. We are using location when we look up weather, movie show times and directions. Ninety-five percent of smartphone users use their phones to find local information, such as restaurant recommendations based on their location, and 88% act on that information the same day. The combination of social, local and mobile demonstrates the shift in how people interact with each other and consume information. SoLoMo is making it easier for people to make faster and more informed decisions; and with the on-the-ground local content Banjo provides, it’s helping bring it to the next level.

What’s next? The future of search just might give preference to content with location. With so much information being shared, it’s impossible to sort through the social firehose; but when location is added, it can provide relevance. Time will tell of the effects location will have in the mobile space, but in the meantime the SoLoMo movement is off to a great start.