An Interview With Damien Patton, Founder of Banjo

Damien Patton Banjo CEO

Who is going to win social discovery? Last week, we interviewed Paul Davison, the founder of current front-runner, Highlight.  We also had the opportunity to sit down with Damien Patton, founder of Banjo, likely the consensus as second place contestant in this race.

After talking with each of the founders back to back, it was clear that the philosophy behind their apps were as different as their personalities.  The common thread between the two, however, lies in their enthusiasm for the chase.

Although Highlight has captured the early attention, Banjo’s platform possesses some superior features, most notably a lighter impact to your phone’s battery life and the ability to pull in contacts from a variety of social networks instead of only Facebook.  And after their soon-to-be-released upgrade, the Boston-moved-to-Silicon Valley startup will be making a serious push for the top spot.

We caught up with Patton to learn more about his background, the inspiration and philosophy behind Banjo, what it will take for his platform to distance itself from the pack, his favorite aspect of the startuplife, and his top piece of advice for aspiring entrepreneurs.

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SOURCE: Tech Cocktail