Jonny Craig
Dallas, TX
It was extremely hot and sweaty but was definitely worth it being close enough to get this pic of @jonnycraig4l #starstruck #imsohappy
@jonnycraig4l made my year! One happy chic here! #starstruck #lucky #imsohappy #marryme
Hey, @colin_vieira77: thanks for sticking around when everyone else bailed. Can't wait for the #beautifuldeath tour in September. And, ya know, the set you're about to play right meow.
Thx for all the fun in Dallas :)
dunno if I'm fangirling over the drummer or screamer from @toliveagainband but either way they go hard
@goldstepsatx KILLED tonight at The Dirty 30! Excited to hear your new album, keep channeling your pop punk roots because I AM DIGGING IT. #goldsteps #atx #thedirty30 #dallas
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