Massive Fire Evacuates Areas In Knysna, South Africa
Knysna, ZA
Smoke still billowing all around Knysna.#capestorm @KnysnaPlett @WesthillKnysna @Cape_Buzz @AlgoaFMNews @KnysnaMuni @knysnafm @knysnatourism
The Knysna Provincial Hospital is being evacuated, people are stuck and stranded on the Brenton beach. The N2 is closed.
The Knysna Provincial Hospital is being evacuated
#capestorms Knysna on fire @KnysnaPlett @Die_Burger @nandimgwa
How terrible, while we here in CT battle storm Knysna is battling huge fires
Rough time in Knysna, WC at the moment, fires all around town. 80 k wind not helping
#KnysnaFire The three deceased are a farm worker, his wife and their son. Circumstances and details are still unclear. XK
Knysna 😢😢 😢
2 fires in Wilderness & Plett mean we are trapped in Knysna in this storm with no electricity. But I'm on honeymoon & candles are romantic.
Scenes From Knysna... #CapeTownStorm
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