Factory Explosion Seen In Johor Baharu, Malaysia
Johor Baharu, MY
Hopefully NC building tu dok diam2 situ and tak jadi pape kat die. NC is the most dangerous and flammable chemical in our factory. Please behave ya..😔😔😔
This is real and so scarry. Happened in front of my eyes. Video taken from my office around 9.30am
#meyasadmoment #officelife
Two explosions near my factory 10 minutes ago from a nearby factory
2 kali bunyi letupan.. macam nak gugur jantung. Allahu

Semoga mangsa terselamat. Ya allah Ya Allah
Terbakor plak kilang sblh ni..🙆🏻‍♂️👨🏻‍🚒
Kilang sebelah terbakor.....
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