Boston Marathon
Boston, MA
It started out as a beautiful and triumphant day. My thoughts are with everyone injured. Please stay safe.
Scariest day of my life.
#bostonmarathon w/ @lorkap
Please #PrayForBoston and the victims and their families! #BAA #BostonMarathon @ Boston, MA
Please #PrayForBoston and the victims and their families! #BAA #BostonMarathon
Hi, thank you all so much for your tweets and texts, I am okay. I was a block away, had to evacuate & my phone didn't work. Love to all.
So many horrible things have happened directly around me in less than a month, not sure how I'm supposed to be handling this
@murphmeg Nothing official so I'm staying put.
Possible man caught with back packs in video surveillance footage before the explosion. Please let it be the guy that'll pay for this
#police #boston #explosion
È pazzesco ora che scende l'adrenalina della gara e vedo sto caos resto allibito. Sto lasciando la zona arrivo veramente triste. .. @ Finish Line Grandstand Boston Marathon
@Michelle_Brooks @danferrigan we are thanks
@JoelAschbrenner thank you. Scary, sad. Unbelievable and awful.
@davidscrivner @dnjbdi so far we personally know nobody affected physically. Sad.
Commonwealth and Dartmouth
@ansleyjo thanks! It's scary.
@ddoan24 yes. Thanks for checking!
Marathon Mayhem .. 2 DEAD .. 22 Injured after Twin Blasts at the end of the Boston Marathon @ Boston Marathon Finish Line
Where they stopped the race. We are all safe
Despites living 0,2 miles from the attacks, I'm safe over at the Greenhouse with Andrew Clay and Jesse Devine! @ Copley Square
Opened report via Android at 622-646 Boylston St Boston Fuckers got us again, but we will prevail.
I am ok. It's chaotic. And scary. Hope everyone's ok. #BostonMarathon
@dmiramon I'm safe man. Had just left and got back to my place when it happened.
Yesterday. @ Copley Square
Scariest experience of my life. Shaken up. Leaving the scene. FBI #marathon #bostonmarathon #bomb #bostonmarathonbombing
John Panaggio and Iate okay - ee are in downtown and sort of stuck- but all is well- for those calling and texting hold off for now- locating friends and keeping safe @ The Westin Copley Place, Boston
Solo 24 ore fa stavo passeggiando dove questi pazzi hanno fatto saltare in aria sportivi e persone pacifiche radunate per la più antica maratona d'america. Shame on you! @ Copley Square
If you are in the Boston area, please let me know you are safe! 434.962.9154
Probably best to stay away... All the booths are blown down. #blastradius #craytown. (@ Boston Marathon Finish Line)
. @trillaFit @amkreitman Adam is good
Got evacuated from the hotel and safe in the south end
What a sad day.
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Tell someone you love them today!!! @ Boston Marathon Finish Line
I was at Abe & Louie's on Boylston Street in Boston one hour ago and heard the explosions down the street. @ Boston Marathon Finish Line
@claudiostorm esta la cagada pero yo bien
@gyceener Diane is safe!!
FBI has shown up at the scene #bostonmarathon #breakingnews #bunews
LOVE to all in Boston - what a tragic disgrace @ Boston Marathon Finish Line
Praying for Boston @ Boston Marathon Finish Line
@carasheehan1 thanks cara! :)
Look at what our hotel window view looks like at the #bostonmarathon, wow.
Look at the Boston Explosion Scene @ Copley Square
#explosion on #boylstonst in #boston #marathon #ma #newengland #omg @ Boylston Street Back Bay
#wbz addl med support arriving at marathon mdical tent
#wbz ambulances at coply sq still being hour after explozions at marathon finish line.
If anyone's out and about in Boston, feel free to take shelter at PKT. @ Phi Kappa Theta - Mass Eta
The Marathon finish line has been declared a crime seen. Police are clearing the scene #bunews
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