Fire Delays O'Hare And Midway Flights
Franklin Park, IL
Tired of all these flight delays πŸ˜” @ Chicago Midway International Airport
No surprises that my flight is delayed today...just hoping that it gets out of here @ Chicago O'Hare International Airport
Flights canceled. Headed to Denver with like 8 hours to kill. Any one want to kick it?
About half the flights on @AmericanAir ORD departures board cancelled this am. Mine delayed 30m. More time for coffee.
Lotta red on that board. Grateful to be rescheduled on one that's not. #OHareFire
And now, we wait. (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL)
Are you serious? I've been trying to get out of Chicago since yesterday afternoon! My flight has been delayed again @AirCanada
I feel lucky to be going home today. All the red are cxld flights. #missingmyfamily #todaysmyluckyday #Chicago #ord
Finally!!! One cancel. Two delays. But I'm on and ready for my California weekend. @mattbrahm9 here I come! #patience #california #worththewait #sighofrelief
If I wasn't on a four hour delay AND getting stuck overnight in Detroit I might be excited about this sunset. #sunset #travel #flights #airline #airport #delta #delay #chicago
This wheel chair thing is getting out of hand @ Chicago Midway International Airport
By some stroke of divine intervention, I'm on my way home today instead of Monday afternoon. Third itinerary is...
Place is a bit of a ghost town, but my flight is on schedule. (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD))
😩 delayed a third time. Original 5:10 changed to 5:40, then 6:05 now 6:25 we got to airport at midnight India time on Friday so 2:30pm eastern so we are in for well over 24 hours now @ Admirals Club - Chicago G
Looks like I'm joining a long line of cancelled flights.
#ona14 was wonderful, but trying to get home from Chicago has been a disaster. After a cancelled flight, I'm heading to STL and my amazing dad is picking me up only to turn around and go back to Little Rock. So thankful for him.
The one issue is my bag almost guaranteed not to make it to Florida with me but fingers crossed @DeltaAssist
Today at O'Hare. Not for the faint of heart. More than 100 in line to rebook connections at United from intl...
I hope that man who messed up air travel for thousands spends the rest if his life in solitary confinement prison. @nbcchicago @Suntimes
Lots of staring faces...
Delayed again #airporthangs
Amazing how one wanker can mess everything up so badly. I hope he spends the rest of his life in prison. @nbcchicago
Delays delays delays, all because some schmuck was trying to self-immolate. What an asshole. @ Chicago O'Hare International
Fingers crossed after already two cancelations today! @ Chicago Midway International Airport
Do not fly today if you don't have to.....
Waiting for our turn.. lost in transit #slamdiaries @ Terminal 2, Chicago O'Hare International Airport
is so glad that all of our money and inconvenience spent on the TSA helped prevent an insider from torching the radar at a vulnerable spot.
there are worse places to be stranded
Praying that my now very delayed flight actually takes off this evening.
Finally @lindsey011marie and I made it on a plane. Now, 45 minutes later, here we sit. Worst parking lot ever. #Ohare #planesplanesplanes #wherearethosepeanuts
36 hours after mess in Chicago occurred and still multiple cancellations. Fortunately my flight is scheduled to leave.
After 5 hour delay in Chicago finally onroute to Myrtle Beach for next leg of #USAfall2014 #GrahamBeck
Voos cancelados. Volta sΓ³ domingo... #chicago midway
Waiting in my fifth line of the afternoon. (@ Chicago O'Hare International Airport (ORD) in Chicago, IL)
Just landed in Chicago. Hopefully I have a flight to DSM. Apparently there was some drama here.
Well, this leg is going about how I suspected. #PlanesForDays #OHare
Dear @united you cancel my flight. 1k line acts surprised when I call to reschedule (sans upgrade), app never updates, conf email never sent
We are FINALLY getting on a plane!
Mine is still listed as on time, but this makes me nervous. @ Chicago O'Hare International
ORD parking lot.
Leaving #OHare. Plane deprarts terminal 2 hours late. Just been told to expect 1 to 1.5 hour wait in line on runway #AirTrafficControl
"Planes must be 30 miles out before another can take off. We are 15th in line. You can do the math" - Our pilot... At least I have cookies
Shish Kebab... Shawshank Redemption... Chicago! Waiting on the Tarmac thanks to the ATC Fire yesterday!
Yesterday at O'Hare, trying to get to Los Angeles. They cancelled 2,000 flights because of a fire at an air traffic control center. Got out 8 hours late.
Waiting on a plane… @ Chicago Midway International Airport
15th in line to take off. Could be worse. I think I can still make my connection. I got lucky because I got here really early and was able to catch an earlier flight. #comeonbabylightmyfire
Full day later and still tons of delays/cancellations. This is why #SPOF is a problem.
Feeling pretty lucky today! Tons of flights cancelled today at Chicago ORD, but our AA198 is not. Yay, @AmericanAir
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