Potential Jumper Rescued In Times Square
New York, NY
Wonder if he will jump today .. #crazypeople
Always nice to see these guys out and working a scene in the city.
Entire street was closed for some reason!
#jumper at #42ndstreet #timessquare helped to safety by #NYPD after approx. 1 hour on ledge. #phew #stressful pic.twitter.com/1T5mLwXjy8
Everybody stopped working in Times Square because of the guy with white shirt tried to jump off a roof. #thatroofisonfire
A big cushion inflated by the fire department in Times Square, apparently for a potential attempted suicide or jumper pic.twitter.com/ziqNOxQOLB
#timessquare #lockdown
#timessquare a jumper has stopped traffic on 42nd. Gawkers have turned it into sport. Why is human misery such a draw pic.twitter.com/wvDa30aKCk
Craziness out here🚒🚨🚓
Scene at 42nd street times square. Theory is a possible jumper. Sad. @nypd pic.twitter.com/xDMvr8xHoz
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