Police Investigate Explosion At RI Beach
Washington County, RI
#SaltyBrine beach cleared. Waiting for 4 pm news conf. @projo http://t.co/VpMYgjLX3d
The explosion at Salty Brine State Beach on Saturday morning is the second incident in two days to shake the bustling fishing Port of Galilee in Narragansett. A favorite family beach spot for locals and tourists, the shore along the Harbor of Refuge was chaotic with law enforcement activity before noon on this busy July weekend.
Investigators study the rocks along the jetty at Salty Brine State Beach near where a woman was injured by an explosion this morning. Bomb sniffing dogs are on-site, according to our reporters on scene. We'll post an update shortly.
@RhodeIslandDEM confirm woman somehow lifted from her chair by something under sand at Salty Brine Beach. @wpri12 http://t.co/zsSXRxznbB
@RhodeIslandDEM on Roger Wheeler beach after blast injures woman at nearby Salty Brine beach http://t.co/4DxfFjpGOv http://t.co/IXszcPQe4s
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