Pilot Killed After Plane Crashes At Airport In Bentonville, AR
Bentonville, AR
A part of plane's engine went through the wall of the hangar. #airport #bentonville https://t.co/doCKAdlVfY
Confirmed plane crash and one death at #Bentonville municipal airport. Spoke w/ worker who says another plane landed as first plane took off
Another image of the damaged hangar. #bentonville #airport https://t.co/mjHLQzMSLS
No one else was injured in the accident.
Police spokesman just confirmed that the pilot was killed when his plane crashed into a hangar at the airport. #airport #bentonville
A pilot is dead after running into a hanger at the Bentonville Municipal Airport just after 9:30 this morning. https://t.co/hAJ0MXaynK
Apparently it was a plane crash and the pilot was pronounced dead ๐Ÿ˜ž Prayers for his family. https://t.co/cC95iaE3S9
@ChanningBarker no, just saw it driving by :(
Photo of a damaged hangar at the Bentonville airport. https://t.co/lq3JQ139b0
Firefighters and police officers at the scene at the airport. #airport https://t.co/r764shHkNU
Unclear at this point if it was a plane crash or just a fire. Waiting to find out the cause, & if there are any injuries or fatalities.
Accident scene at the Bentonville airport. It's been reported that a plane hit a hanger. https://t.co/7CTuEDOzHt
Emergency responders at Bentonville airport. Hanger damage/plane crash....? @4029news #Bentonville ๐Ÿ™๐Ÿผ https://t.co/xLMg52KmNB
Ambulance leaving the Bentonville airport. Still trying to get info on reported accident. https://t.co/9d9vEbk040
@taraashaston Appears that someone missed the runway.
Something going down at the Bentonville airport - smoke coming from a hole in one of the hangars and lots of fire trucks.
Explosion at the Bentonville airport a few minutes ago! Blew an engine straight through the building!!
Remains of fire/explosion? At Bentonville airport...anyone know what happened? @KNWAnews https://t.co/QNCqnTLfhB
OMG there was just now a plane crash at the Bentonville airport close to where I work. It's bad one.
Anybody know why there is a mushroom cloud n emergency vehicles going toward rogers/ Bentonville?
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