Protesters Gather Against Senator Mitch McConnell In Jeffersontown, KY
Jeffersontown, KY
Hey @SenateMajLdr Mitch #McConnell! #gotConstitution? #imabluedot in the #BLUEgrass!
Protesters outside told me yes they're upset about the election. But they're protesting what McConnell and GOP have done since then.
McConnell repeating his view from yesterday that protesters are upset about losing the election. #kypolitics
McConnell in Louisville:
"You might have noticed I have a fan club" outside..."Protesting is about as American as apple pie." #kypolitics
Hello? i'm looking for the back door. Mitch McConnell avoids protestors at main entrance of Louisville Marriott East for speech.
Mark Condon of Louisville says Mitch is dining with donors today and ignoring the other Kentuckians he represents.
Radical grandma with her radical grandsons! Linda, Tanner (1st protest), and Corey!
We thought we caught Mitch leaving! But it was just a horse's ... well, you know.
More from Tilford, who said she's concerned about the EPA, Obamacare, immigration, etc. "A long list," she joked.
Annie and her aunties
Protesting is a family affair. Kevin and Susan Collins!
Other chant: "We need a leader, not a creepy tweeter."
This guy is driving around with an electronic billboard with messages to @SenateMajLdr. This one's about Obamacare.
More from Condon, who cited immigration issues as one of his biggest concerns with the new administration.
Esther Webb of Lexington is unhappy with Mitch McConnell's "semi-private" events. Wants real chance to talk w/ him.
Mark Condon, of Louisville: "Its a terrible situation for a democracy to have a representative that doesn't represent you."
This is what Democracy looks like.
Upward of 300 people here. Here is a look at about half of them.
"No bans, no walls! Mitch McConnell take our calls!" #kypolitics
Crowd is now chanting "Come out, come out, wherever you are" and "Ditch Mitch, Dump Trump" at @SenateMajLdr.
Day 2 of #DitchMitch protests in Kentucky against Sen. Mitch McConnell, this time in Louisville at Marriott East.
More from Clyde
#thisiswhatdemocracylookslike #ditchmitch #fuckmitchmcconnell #resist
Clyde says she's tried calling "everywhere." "There are no requirements for people in office these days."
Jean Anne Clyde, of Louisville, went to the March on Washington. She called protesting "the most thrilling part of democracy."
Here are some photos of the protestors. McConnell scheduled to speak at noon in front of J-Town Chamber of Commerce.
Here's a look at the front (maybe?) of the protest. More than 200 people chanting "This is what democracy looks like"
There are at least 100 people lined up to protest Mitch McConnell in J-Town. (I'm still trying to find a place to park.)
Protestors lining the sidewalk outside Marriott East where Mitch McConnell is scheduled to speak at noon.
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