Massive Structure Fire Rages In Overland Park, KS
Overland Park, KS
Massive fire in Overland Park.
@OPFDMedia, @OverlandPark_PD fighting the #cityplacefire spread south of the development:
OPFD crews are still actively fighting the fire at the City Place Apartments and at least 12 nearby homes.
@OPFDMedia crews still actively fighting the #cityplacefire and homes surrounding it
Large conflagration at 117th and Nieman taken from 116th and Mastin.
My street is on fire. This is unreal.
Smoke from an apartment fire on 103rd and College in Overland Park. #fox4
Olathe fired up rn
May or may not have driven 20 minutes to find where the smoke was coming from
Commentary by fellow observer. OVP fire rages on (Leawood, Olathe, Overland Park, & Lenexa fire trucks have been seen)..@MayorSlyJames
Intense. White fire smoke rising from adjacent neighborhood. Fire services appear to be playing offense and defense.
View of the Overland Park apartment fire from the corner of College and Antioch
The apartments at the top of my neighborhood caught fire
#OVP apartment building. Three houses reported to have also caught fire due to embers. Observer just claimed, "not enough water to fight"
Fire 🔥by college and nieman happening now 😐
Scary scene driving home today. Something big on fire. We can't tell if it's the new apartment building or houses behind it. #fire #structurefire #thisiswhywefirestop #lifesafety
Fire near new construction in Overland Park. Just south of College and west of 69 HWY. lots of OVP's finest have arrived onsite. Construction crews stand observing. Chopper overhead. Saw the flames from my porch.
@kmbc @KansasCityStar @fox4kc
Fire across the street...
@41actionnews huge fire off Nieman multiple houses!!!
Fire in Overland Park
there goes the neighborhood
From my office window, 69 highway and College in Overland Park (@opcares). Hoping people, animals are all okay.
Large fire a block from the office in Overland Park. #kansascity
Oh no ... now houses back behind are on fire
Major fire at apartment complex under construction in @overlandpark. @OPFDMedia @OverlandPark_PD @41actionnews
MASSIVE fire right now at CityPlace in Overland Park. Wow. Wind is strong today.
Apartment fire in Overland Park
something is on fire here in overland park smh
Anyone know what the hell is up off College in OP? Cops and sirens everywhere, huge fire just beyond the trail from my patio... @AmyKCTV5
Large fire(?) in OP?
That's not ominous at all.
@ali_hoxie @41actionnews this brand new apt complex at 69 HWY & College just went up in flames
Yo. What is on 🔥 in Op? General vicinity of College Blvd & 69 Hwy.
2alarm fire building under construction college & Nieman. More info later
Apartment fire in Overland Park
Huge fire in Overland Park
HUGE fire just started in OPKS
@KCTV5 fire at the Royale at City Place in Overland Park
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