Tractor Trailer Catches Fire On I-10 Near Vidor, TX
Orange County, TX
Couldn't get a better picture because we turned, but a truck is on fire on interstate 10 eastbound just before 1442 exit and traffic is starting to back up because they just blocked the road.
Anyone headed east on I -10 between vidor and 1442 may want to pick a different route 18 wheeler blazin
IH-10 Westbound is about to be shut down for a bit!! Came up on this & had to call 911 taking our exit home!! Exit 869, 1442/Bridge City exit!!! Thankfully the driver was out but there were no responders there yet! Fire was barely going when I was exiting & pulled over! Please be careful because vehicles were hitting & running over the huge orange construction barrels because they couldn't see!!
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