Crowd Gathers For Protest At Robert E. Lee Monument In Orleans, LA
Orleans, LA
Battle Hymn of the Republic on trumpet and sax as a big crowd waits for the Robert E Lee statue to come down
a man was just arrested after being forcibly removed from the base of the lee monument. he was detained by several officers after refusing to leave and yelling in celebration of the removal of the monuments. I'm going live with @storyhunter in five minutes on periscope to give a look into the proceedings. meet me there under persicopw username 'storyhunter' #takeemdownnola @takeemdownnola
Going down at Lee Circle tonight.
"If y'all don't get your stupid ass..." #TakeEmDownNola #StupidConfederate #RobertELee Ole Duck Ass!
Only in #nola
#LeeStatue coming down brings celebrants and protestors @ #LeeCircle
#NewOrleans #DownWithLee
Crowds await the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee. Thursday, the city released plans for its replacement.
a sea of protestors are currently surrounding the lee monument dedicated to confederate general robert e lee as the city makes a move to take down the fourth monument dedicated to the city's history of confederacy. #takeemdownnola @takeemdownnola
The very last night Robert E. Lee stands at Lee Circle. Pro and Anti monument protesters are here #streetphotography #shotbylu #nolaculture #fujifeed
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