Brush Fire Near Garson Rd Area Of Reno, NV
Verdi Mogul, NV
Verdi nv forest fire 🔥 6/18/17 in matter of seconds we as humans can start forest fires, scary scary, be sure to protect your house by clearing the land for this fire season. And don't flick your nasty cigarette butts into our Mother Nature. She will burn with vengeance #verdi #fire
Looks like its out by Mayberry Park on west 4th.
Spotted this fire on our way out of Reno.
And that's why you don't target practice near homes
@RenoFireDept sending brush and structure response to Garson area. No structures currently threatened, please avoid area. @TMFPD also resp.
@RenoFireDept Air resources en route to #GarsonFire, #Structure protection groups are in place on Quilici Ranch Rd. Please avoid the area. #BrushFire
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