Police Respond To Reported Armed Suspect At Mall In Saugus, MA
Saugus, MA
All @MassStatePolice assets have cleared the Saugus scene. NEMLEC is in control of mall situation. #Boston25
I'm omw to work this morning and there like 3 cop cars 2 blocking the main entrance and one on the back someone broke into the mall!!! Lmao
What the fuck is goin on in Saugus?? Why are the police surrounding the mall Kristen Marie Uglietta Cindy Franciosa Angela Famolare Rourke
Who done broke into #DicksSportingGoods with a firearm at the Saugus Mall? They got the whole place surrounded. Smh
Sirens in Saugus bigtime, what's up ?
Police Activity at Square One Mall https://t.co/0eEzd1acrT
Looks like some thing is going down cuz saw about 15 cop cars heading 128n
Billerica PD on scene now too, in addition to Saugus, @MassStatePolice, Beverly & joint SWAT. Man believed to have gun in Saugus. #Boston25 https://t.co/iSXOythgJV
What the hell is going on in Saugus I almost had a SWAT truck push me off the highway never saw so many cops something's going down
#breaking Police are not allowing people to enter the Square One Mall in #Saugus at this time. #WCVB https://t.co/Awbla2w0vq
Regional swat team just arrived to #Saugus square one mall. Suspect inside believed to be armed. #wcvb https://t.co/U9NqSfrnMG
#Breaking Police at Square One Mall in #Saugus for reports of a man with some sort of long gun @KThompsonNews with the details on #WCVB https://t.co/hZDgSpn44t
We've learned a man is believed to have some sort of long gun inside Dick's Sporting Goods at the mall in Saugus. Live on #Boston25. https://t.co/XqAREoDhZI
#Saugus police responding to break-in at Square One Mall Dick's.@MassStatePolice asking us to stay at safe distance. https://t.co/Pkf4Q93GrS
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