One Dead, Dozens Injured After Car Plows Through Protesters In Charlottesville, VA
Charlottesville, VA
#Charlottesville 3:57pm 🔘 BREAKING - Hospital confirms 19 injuries from the car attack
National Guard blocking off the street in the distance in #Charlottesville
#Charlottesville 3:31pm 🔘 BREAKING - Mayor confirms at least one killed in the vehicle attack earlier.
#Charlottesville 3:27pm 🔘 MPs blocking the way down 4th. Somebody says: "Why didn't you stop this? Their blood is on you"
A vehicle plowed into a crowd of protesters after events around #UniteTheRight declared unlawful assembly
A car just plowed into a large group of counter-protesters. He drove through a photographer first, his camera went flying and we caught it. This is the last photo he took. Looking for the photographer. #charlottesville
Clergy assisting one of the injured after a coward ran his car through a crowd of anti-nazi protestors. #charlottesville #naziscumoffourstreets
Car crashes into #antifa and #antiracist crowd in #Charlottesville. I was standing ten feet away. Media needs to report this correctly.
This just happened. While marching peacefully on Water Street with real Cvillians, a car drove through the crowd seriously injuring many. Lee and I were almost cought in a stampede. The Alt-right are still here. So am I. All will be well.
This is the car that plowed through a crowd at the #UniteTheRight rally. Stopped along Monticello Ave.
Road closed at Monticello Ave where man who hit 9 protesters with his car was stopped. #UniteTheRight
I talked to one eyewitness who said the collision was "absolutely intentional". He was 10 feet away. Saw 14-16 people injured.
The scene of the hit and run.
Police moving people away from the scene now.
furious. celebratory march turns into crime scene. Nazi plowed through masses in a car. #DefendCville #charlottesville #unitetheright
Words cannot express how sad I am for my country and this wonderful city of Charlottesville. Pray for peace
Troopers and Charlottesville PD and medics on scene at 3-vehicle crash at Water St and 4th Street. Multiple injuries. Crash under investigation
People being loaded into ambulances. Witnesses describe a car driving purposefully into marching crowd and other cars.
Police are securing the area surrounding the crash.
Scene where a car reportedly driven by white supremacists crashed into a crowd of people in Charlottesville following the Unite The Right Rally and the clash of counter protestors and white supremacists. #onassignment #charlottesville #whitesupremacy #photojournalism #virginia
A car, allegedly driven by white supremacists attending the cancelled Unite the Right rally, sped through a crowd of protesters injuring at least a dozen. Hair from one of the victims can be seen here, hanging from another vehicle the perpetrators car struck before reversing through the crowd again.
Video of car hitting anti-racist protestors. Let there be no confusion: this was deliberate terrorism. My prayers with victims. Stay home.
Car crashed into pedestrians in downtown Charlottesville. Many injuries. Trying to find out more now
#Charlottesville 2:11pm 🔘 A number of ambulances still here. Several taken to hospital. Lots walking away w/ large cuts & bruises
Aftermath of the radical nazi terror attack just now in #Charlottesville

Shoes on the ground everywhere after car slams into people
Downtown Mall pedestrians hit by car are being loaded into ambulances.
Breaking news out of Charlottesville. That is where the Associated Press reports a vehicle plowed into a group of counter-protesters. There has been no word yet on injures.
Aftermath of a Car Striking BLM Protesters — Exclusive footage from Charlottesville
Protestors injured after car rams into two other cars at Water and Fourth.
Passers-by got caught up in the crashes. Being treated by medic now. #Charlottesville
I'm hearing 9 people hit now. One eyewitness tells me: "I saw bodies flying." #UniteTheRight
#Charlottesville 1:56pm 🔘Casualties at 4th & Water. Vehicle plowed into crowd. Several ambulances here
Car rams through crowd after rally
At least one of my friends hit by the car: "It was the worst sound I've ever heard." #UniteTheRight
Downtown Mall crash. One of the injured being tended to by onlookers. Reports of a car (or cars) speeding through crowd .
At least 5 ppl hit by a grey charger exiting the area. Saw him speed past police dept on Market St and get tailed by sheriff. #UniteTheRight
#BREAKING: I just watched a car plow through dozens of protesters. Extremely heavy injuries #Charlottesville
Emergency in downtown #Charlottesville. Several people telling me gray car rammed into crowd. Many injured
Folks said counter protesters were hit by a vehicle as they turned the corner. Medics are here. #Charlottesville
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