Two Dead After Helicopter Crashes Near Charlottesville, VA
Albemarle County, VA
Eyewitnesses said helicopter "turned upside down and dropped like a stone." Two confirmed fatalities #Charlottesville
VSP spokesperson confirms two fatalities in helicopter crash. Won't reveal any other details.
On the scene of a state police helicopter crash in #charlottesville
Nothing encapsulates today better than this: Albemarle County Police just ran out of crime scene tape here in Charlottesville...
On scene of helicopter crash here outside Charlottesville.
Helicopter crash #Charlottesville
BREAKING: neighbors near Old Farm Road in Albemarle Co. confirm a helicopter crashed into woods. Updates to come.
Officers guarding scene will not confirm, but neighbors say the copter hovered low over houses before going to nearby woods.
BREAKING: On scene here, I'm being told a state police helicopter has crashed in the woods near Old Farm Road.
Helicopter Crash right outside birdwood towards Bellair #charlottesville
State police helicopter down. Ivy road. Engulfed in flames.
Helicopter crash fully involved believed to be VSP Helicopter working the protest but agency not confirmed.
Crazy stuff happening here in Charlottesville. Just passed a huge fire. Police everywhere, helicopters swarming the skies! Strange feeling here! My tour is over! I'm heading home to Lake Gaston!
BREAKING Charlottesville: unconfirmed reports of a helicopter down. HAZMAT situation developing.
Police responding to helicopter crash!! near Birdwood Golf Course at Charlottesville/Albemarle line.
@UVA I think a helicopter just crashed near bypass and ivy. Saw it from Boars Head.
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