Violence Erupts At White Nationalist Rally In Charlottesville, VA
Charlottesville, VA
Mayhem in Charlottesville.
"Heil Trump" on the streets of Charlotte, VA where a state of emergency has been called due to the white supremacists rallying and causing mayhem and one death
The "Alt-Right" protest today was let alone, an act of terrorism. Swastikas, Confederate flags, and racial slurs were prevalent--instilling fear into the good people that call Charlottesville, Virginia home. As I stood on the side of Water Street, watching the aftermath of the racism-fueled terrorist attack unfold, I saw people come together, help each other, and reach out to the people around them to keep them safe. Even after innocent people died and were attacked, even after a woman in a wheelchair was maced by a neo-nazi, even after the levels of absolute disgust I faced after witnessing this all happen before my eyes... seeing good people come together the way the counter-protesters did today gave me hope. We are one, we are Americans, and we are Charlottesville. This bump in the road is just the beginning as we have now blatantly proven there is an incredible issue within this country that needs to be fixed and will be fixed. Stay strong Charlottesville.
P.S. if you see Jason Kessler, kick his ass.
My #Charlottesville on the news for all the wrong reasons..
Stay safe today, but help me show what this city is really about and discover its beauty. Use the #Hashtag
Real conversions during the #charlottesville #riots #racism #kkk #endwhitesupremacy #change
Reminder that in the midst of hate and fear, there is always love. Stay safe everyone. #charlottesville
City has confirmed 19 injured, 1 dead from car crash at #UniteTheRight rally. Driver of the car is in Cville police custody.
Saddened by the violence that took place at the White Supremacist March today. There is no reason for violence in protesting. Thinking about my coworkers in the ER #freedom #noviolence #protest #er #nursesofinstagram #nurse #nursesdayoff #nohate #peace #change
A white supremacist discharges pepper spray into a group of protesters outside of their permitted rally area -- literally on the public street -- as the police stand idly by.
About 30 police here right now #Charlottesville
#Charlottesville #protest #insane
Riot police shut down the park due to the violence #charlottesville #unitetheright
Cops and military #Charlottesville
SWAT stormed into parking garage in #Charlottesville
SWAT stormed into parking garage in #Charlottesville
SWAT team just ran into parking garage - something happening inside
#Charlottesville 4:18pm πŸ”˜ Downtown is quiet for now. I'm heading out, need a bit of a break
Suspect car located.
Charlottesville downtown
No caption necessary.
#DefendCville #fuckthekkk #fucknazis #unitetheright
#DefendCville #fucknazis #fuckthekkk #unitetheright
#DefendCville #fuckthekkk #fucknazis #unitetheright
Rally! #retweet #share
#DefendCville #fuckthekkk #fucknazis #unitetheright
#Charlottesville #UniteTheRally
#Charlottesville 3:27pm πŸ”˜ MPs blocking the way down 4th. Somebody says: "Why didn't you stop this? Their blood is on you"
This is so disturbing 😞 #GODBLESSAMERICA πŸ™
This was the scene earlier today in #Charlottesville. It's hard to believe this is happening in this beautiful city. You can see more from the protest and counter-protest on my story.
White nationalists face off antifa on the Downtown Mall right in front of me. #Charlottesville
Violent confrontation between residents and Trump supporter
I met these women today. They came from New York to stand with #Charlottesville. We hugged and prayed for each others safety. This is an example of #mycharlottesville
Unite the Right rally on August 12, 2017 in Charlottesville, VA. The rally was officially disbanded by police at 12 pm, but still continued past 3 pm.
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