Crowds Gather For Protest Ahead Of Kid Rock Concert In Detroit, MI
Detroit, MI
Outside @LCA_Detroit, a petitioner is seeking signatures from @KidRock to put marijuana legalization on the November 2018 ballot. #Detroit
DPD has to separate the protesters from the concert goers to avoid incidents @detroitnews
We will not stand for the confederate advocate that is Kid Rock nor the Atl Right! Not in Detroit!!!✊🏿
making american politics and music shitty again #trump #kidrock #kidrockconcert #shit #no #morals #notaste
Anti Kid Rock Rally
Protesters making their way to Little Caesars Arena to protest the Kid Rock Concert!
Some boos, thumbs down and 'go home,' yelled from Hockeytown Detroit patio. #KidRockProtest
#KidRockProtest walking north on Woodward toward Little Caesars Arena in Detroit
Protesters at Kid Rock's show at Little Caesars Arena.
Little ceasars demonstration
Only in Detroit
This place follows me everywhere
@RashidaTlaib, former MI house rep, leads chant "No Justice No Pizza" for the non-violant Kid Rock protest in Grand Circus Park @detroitnews
State Rep. Rashida Tlaib at #KidRockProtest : 'No justice, no pizza'
Crowd near 100 as #kidrockprotest is about to begin in Detroit. Police to escort march.
I'm down here right now, looking for YOU to join this protest!!
#kidrockprotest about to begin in Detroit. Sam Riddle urges nonviolence despite 'provocateurs'
Detroit Police criticize counter #KidRockProtest -ers for walking through protest at Park.
#kidrockprotest Detroit police arrive to escort march
Counter #KidRockprotest -er says Riddle exploiting Kid Rock to promote self, racial divide
Protestors gathering in downtown Detroit before Kid Rock show, grand-opening of Little Caesars Arena
Up to more than 50 at Detroit #kidrockprotest in Grand Circus Park. March should start soon, 5:30pm
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