How a Former NASCAR Mechanic Built a Startup to Track World Events in Real Time Damien Patton, founder of Banjo, describes his untraditional path to Silicon Valley that included homelessness, the military, and car racing.
6 Ideas That Blew Our Minds in 2015 Knowing what’s going on everywhere at any given time — Banjo, a California-based company founded by Damien Patton, combs through public social media posts and uses algorithms to identify deviations from the normal activity at a given location.
Banjo Appoints Victor Hernandez to Director of Media Innovation Banjo announced the appointment of Victor Hernandez as Director of Media Innovation. In his new role, Hernandez will be instrumental in enhancing the customer experience for Banjo’s media partners who use the platform to power real-time news reporting.
Banjo’s ability to track events in real time gives clients competitive edge The ubiquity of cellphone cameras has provided a window into all corners of the globe. But Banjo’s powerful technology is able to filter through the noise, combining location, time and an uncanny ability to read images to determine whether something unusual is happening.
Feeding the Matrix: Banjo puts the world’s photos to work Companies are sucking up data and using it to find out everything they can about whatever it is they care about. So far, it’s been a way one deal: data flows from us and into the monster maw of enterprise servers. Banjo has it both ways.
Using Data Science to Aid in Disaster Relief Banjo is harnessing the power of data science to change the way the world responds to natural disasters.
Banjo Raises $100 Million to Detect World Events in Real Time SoftBank has invested $100 million in Banjo to help the startup build software that can detect earthquake-damaged buildings in Nepal, drive-thru patterns at McDonald’s restaurants, gas-line explosions in Saudi Arabia, and dozens of other events all over the world in real time, using photos and videos uploaded to social media sites.
The Most Important Social Media Company You’ve Never Heard Of Damien Patton has created a way to find out what is happening anywhere in the world — instantly. The inside story behind Banjo and the gold rush sure to follow.
Banjo raises $100 million, but the pressure to perform comes from within Banjo serves as a tool to give executives a detailed understanding of what’s happening anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice.
Startup Uses Big Data as a Crystal Ball News gathering is just one of countless business sectors where Banjo’s “crystal ball” capability of organizing real time data by location and time can be lifesaving or profitable.
Banjo latest California start-up to attract big funding round The investment, which probably values Banjo in the hundreds of millions of dollars, comes despite the company generating only about $1m in revenue last year from a new line of business that it promises will “ultimately . . . bring order to the chaos of global data”.
Banjo Scores $100M Series C Led By Softbank To Analyze Events As They Happen News organizations like NBC, Fox, and the BBC already use Banjo to power live social content on their television networks in order to break news before they gather traction on Twitter or Facebook. The startup’s insights can also be used to aid emergency responders and improve driving conditions.
Remember Banjo? Company just raised $100M from SoftBank to build social ‘crystal ball’ Over the past two years, the company built out a social analytics platform service to focus on selling information to other businesses, rather than fickle consumers. Apparently, it’s going well.
Banjo Raises $100M to Put Your Tweet (and More) on the Map But the company’s most impressive trick is in pattern recognition. The software can recognize changes occurring at a given place by comparing an image posted at one moment with the collective images posted of that place in the past.
Banjo: Live Events Meets Social Banjo founder and CEO, discusses how his platform works to bring live events and breaking news in real time.
Banjo on Fox NY There’s a new way to find out what’s happening anywhere in the world instantly!
The Story of a Social Media Disrupter: 2 Hackathons, a SXSW Conference, and the Boston Marathon Bombing Damien Patton, founder of Banjo, explains the series of events that led him to create a social media software that knows what is happening all over the world–immediately.
One Company Wants To Tie The Internet To The Real World What if you could see each place in the world and know what was happening there at any point in time?
News Flash: AI Startups are Reinventing Media New apps like Banjo claim to be tapping a new pulse on the world by mining social media, search trends, geo-location data, and other digital signals to produce new forms of breaking news instead of waiting for humans to figure out something is important and start sharing on Facebook or Twitter.
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