Banjo Announces $100 Million in Additional Funding

We are building a crystal ball — a way to see and know virtually everything happening across the globe the moment it happens. We recently revealed the power of Banjo Enterprise in a featured article by Inc. Magazine. Today we are excited to announce the close of our $100 million Series C led by Softbank, alongside BlueRun Ventures.

This funding will help make our vision to build the ultimate crystal ball a reality. By organizing the planet’s social signals by location, we’ve changed the game for our customers, and we are just getting started. Now Banjo is moving far beyond social signals. Our technology will know and understand everything, about any location, at any time, creating value for everyone, from individuals to corporations to continents.

We are working on connecting the world’s disparate real-time data streams and harnessing them into one unified source of unmatched insights. The results are profound: faster emergency response, safer driving conditions, smarter marketing decisions, more efficient use of energy and much more.

We believe we are tackling the most complex data science challenge in the world and that today’s top data scientists and engineers will be eager to join our team to help solve it. We already have some of the top minds in data science, but to stay on target we need to add more. Ultimately, our team will bring order to the chaos of global data and unlock its power for everyone.

We’re building something that’s never existed and to accomplish our vision, we’re surrounding ourselves with the best and brightest in every area of our company, from employees to investors. I’m excited to partner with SoftBank. Masayoshi Son, Softbank’s founder and CEO, is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of our generation. Nikesh Arora, Softbank’s Vice Chairman, was part of Google’s last ten years and most recently CBO, widely acknowledged as the foremost business strategist in the valley. I look forward to learning from both of them and leveraging their expertise.

After the deal closed, Nikesh shared why he ultimately decided to partner with us:

“Banjo is in an interesting space, bringing together the ideas of big data, social, local, mobile and trying to derive value from that combination for both consumers and businesses. I am excited by what I have seen so far, and think this has the potential to be very interesting, and big. Damien thinks big, and is a very dedicated individual — we like his aspirations and are delighted to support him. “
– Nikesh Arora, Vice Chairman, Softbank

Banjo will become the world’s premier real-time data platform. Our technology will fuel other organizations and entire ecosystems. We are only scratching the surface of the power of data intelligence today. Our crystal ball will push far beyond that boundary.